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Computer Algebra Systems

LVA 326.032 Special Topics Symbolic Computation

Time and Place

Time and place will be fixed with the participants via E-mail.


The lecture is intended to give an overview and history on the big variety of CAS that were/are available. We investigate and compare their structure and abilities. The lecture will start with an introduction into the field and then cover the two most popular general purpose CAS, namely Maple and Mathematica. Then we continue with other systems like FriCAS, SageMath, GAP, Maxima, etc. For each of these CAS a short tutorial will be given and its limitations and common pitfalls will be discussed. The rest of the lecture will be dedicated to special purpose CAS from different areas of mathematics.


The lecture will be held in English.




Participants can get a grade by either giving a talk about a CAS of their own choice or by taking an oral exam.

Moodle course

JKU moodle course link

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